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Our first year dating, I wanted to buy my plumber boyfriend a Christmas present that would make him FEEL GREAT. 

**Moment of honesty.** Sure, I wanted my man to FEEL GREAT. But I wanted him to LOOK GOOD too. You know, because I’m the one that has gets to look at him.

I decided to buy my boyfriend a new shirt that celebrated him as a STRONG, SMART and SEXY plumber.  

I imagined us on a date. My plumber wearing Levi jeans, Converse sneakers, and a cool graphic t-shirt that brought out his eyes, his smile and his muscles. (Plumbers have nice arms 💪😉)

You LOOK GOOD, I’d say.

I FEEL GREAT, he’d respond, cheersing me with his beer.🍻

my plumber boyfriend drinking a beer and smiling in his my boyfriend is a plumber beer t-shirt

But then I did a Google search for “plumber shirt." 

Plumbers lay good pipe.
The wetter you get, the faster I come.
It’s my job to play with nipples.

Other designs include images of skulls and crossbones, flames, and cleavage as a disguise for plumber’s crack. 

We've heard enough cracks about plumbers' cracks! We've seen enough plumber shirts with jokes about playing with nipples, laying pipe, and getting wet.😠🤬 ⁠

Plumbers are SMART, STRONG and SEXY. Plumbers deserve respect. That's why our designs respect the sh*t out of plumbers.

We help plumbers LOOK GOOD and FEEL GREAT because PLUMBERS ARE THE SH*T.💪🏼💪🏾💪🏿🤩🇺🇸⁠