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The Plumb Boss Gets A New Van

plumber boyfriend inside his new van wearing his My Boyfriend is a Plumber Plumb Boss t-shirt
She was a good van. For only $3000, she lasted for almost 7 years! But last week, she was rear-ended. And it was time to let her go.
old plumber van

So Saturday afternoon, my Plumb Boss and I went to check out some new work vans. Look how excited he is!


Of course, he’s wearing his Plumb Boss t-shirt for the occasion. Maybe because he loves his girlfriend who designed the shirt. But probably because when he wears that shirt he looks good and feels great. And when you’re going to buy a new vehicle, it is important to look good and feel great.

And me, well, I was definitely excited to move on from the disaster he currently drove. I mean, I love the guy. But his van is a mess! He is a Plumb Boss. And no Plumb Boss should be caught drivin’ around in a van like that. ….I’m gonna show you a picture. Don’t tell Justin! Let’s call this the “BEFORE photo.”

inside the plumber's messy van

Yikes! That’s a messy van!

Ok, enough of that. Let’s get back to the new, fancy, high-roof van. Just in case you doubt how big and spacious these vans are… here’s proof.

me and my plumber standing inside the plumber van

Then came the hard part… making a decision. While Justin thought things over, I kept myself occupied…


Next came the test drive. We took the Dodge out for a spin. In my personal, professional opinion, Justin looked really really good behind that wheel.

Finally, the big moment came. The Plumb Boss bought himself a new van. He wrote the man a check for the full amount. Wowza! That was sexy.

test drive with my plumber then he wrote the checkThen there was only one thing left to do… celebrate! A couple of beers later, we took this photo… you know what they say, “The better the beer, the blurrier the photo!”

me and my plumber boyfriend celebrating his new van


Plumb Boss T-Shirt

My Boyfriend is a Plumber Apparel