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My Boyfriend is a Plumber

kissing my plumber boyfriend while he wears his My Boyfriend is a Plumber apparel t-shirt

 “Is it a porno site?”

That’s what my friend asked me when I told her about this idea I had for a brand called, My Boyfriend is a Plumber

She wasn’t totally wrong.—Ok, she was. This brand has nothing to do with porn, so if that’s what you came for, here’s your cue to move along. 

But, the name IS intended to be sexy. My boyfriend is a plumber. Have 5 words ever sounded so hot?

You might be thinking, “My husband is a plumber sounds pretty darn hot too.” Girl, you’re not wrong.

But the brand is called My Boyfriend is a Plumber for 2 reasons: 

My boyfriend is a plumber. (Justin and I have been together since 2015.) And, because I want the brand to evoke feelings of romance, excitement, and sex. To rekindle a time before little league games, dance recitals, and carpools. Before the dad bod and the baby weight. When it was just you and your #plumberboyfriend—two kids in love.

My Boyfriend is a Plumber is a brand dedicated to loving plumbers. Because #plumbersaretheshit.

Now that you know about the name. Let’s talk about the content…

Our first year dating, I wanted to buy Justin a Christmas present that would make him feel great. A gift that would let him know that I loved, respected, and appreciated him. A gift that would make him feel proud to be who he was

Light bulb!💡

A new shirt! For my strong, smart, sexy plumber boyfriend.  

Okay. **Moment of honesty.** Sure, I wanted my man to feel great. But I also wanted him to look good. You know, because I’m the one that has gets to look at him.

I imagined Justin and me on a date. Me in a short dress and high-heeled boots. Him in Levi jeans, Converse sneakers, and a cool graphic t-shirt that brings out his eyes, his smile, and his plumber muscles.

You look good, I’d say.

I feel great, he’d respond, cheersing me with his beer.

Then we’d take a really good selfie.


my plumber boyfriend wearing his my boyfriend is a plumber apparel, looking good and feeling great


Coming out of my daydream, I typed “tshirt for plumber” into Google.

Plumbers lay good pipe.

The wetter you get, the faster I come.

It’s my job to play with nipples.

Cleavage as a disguise for plumber’s crack

Ummmm… No. No. No. and No. No girlfriend, wife, mother, sister or friend wants to be seen with a grown man wearing an ill-fitting t-shirt that says, “The wetter you get, the faster I come.”

And what plumber actually wants to wear a cardboard-boxy beefy tee that says, “I play with nipples”?

The My Boyfriend is a Plumber brand redefines “plumber” from the crack of all jokes to the stud of all trades.

My Boyfriend is a Plumber apparel helps plumbers look good and feel great because plumbers are the sh*t.