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Made For the Trade – How to Become a Plumber

my plumber boyfriend with his pipe wrench

There are many reasons to love a plumber. One of my favorite reasons is because they were smart enough to become a plumber!

But how does one become a plumber in the first place?

Maybe plumbing is the family business. They are the third generation plumber. They’ve been plumbing since you were old enough to dig a ditch and hold a pipe wrench.

Let’s be honest, most little boys and girls do not grow up dreaming of becoming a plumber. Racecar driver. Firefighter. Pro athlete. Batman. These are the jobs kids dream of. (Is Batman a job?)

But when you’re MADE FOR THE TRADE, plumbing is more than a job. It’s a calling. Your purpose. Once you started plumbing, you knew. THIS is what you were meant to do.

When I met my boyfriend in 2015, he was already plumbing.

A few evenings ago, during a commercial break of the Bachelorette, I looked over to my boyfriend on the other end of the couch. He was on his phone. (He is always on his phone.)

“Whatcha doin’?” I said.

He rolled his eyes because he hates when I ask what he is doing on his phone. “Does it matter?” He says.

“No. I’m just curious,” I say. “What is more interesting than the Batchelorette!?”

“You know what I’m doing.” He says. And waves me away.

“Plumbing or football,” I say, satisfied that I know him so well.

“This guy asked how we got started plumbing. I just posted my response. Here, read it.” He said with a proud smile, handing me his phone. 

I read the original post, then scrolled down to Justin’s response. Way down. The post already had over 40 comments!

posts from the plumber facebook group

He never planned on plumbing being his career. He never dreamt of owning a plumbing business. But he loves the trade. He’s MADE FOR THE TRADE.

And you know what they say about men who are MADE FOR THE TRADE?

They have the best girlfriends.😉

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